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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Measures We are Taking to Continue Serving You During COVID-19 Outbreak

Measures We are Taking to Continue Serving You During COVID-19 Outbreak

At Elite Auto Experts, we want you to know that we are constantly monitoring updates by the CDC regarding COVID-19 and are adjusting our services to accommodate our customers and keep everyone safe in the process. Our shop is remaining open during this time while keeping the health and safety of our staff members and customers a top priority.  Our shop is continuing to provide a clean and safe environment to serve you in. You can count on us at a time like this, especially if you need our help. Given Houston and Harris County’s emergency health declaration regarding COVID-19 and Elite Auto Experts' commitment to the safety of our customers and staff, we will begin implementing the following measures: We have reduced our hours of operation:  Monday-Friday: 9am- 5pm Saturday & Sunday: Closed   We are closing our waiting area to customers to protect our employees and everyone's health   Upon arrival we ask for you to call us at ... read more

Why Aren't My Windshield Wipers Working?

You're driving to work as you normally do when a random rainfall starts to pour down. You haven't seen rain in a while, but it doesn't phase you. However, you go to turn on your vehicle's windshield wipers and find that they don't work. This is the worst time for this to happen - especially because you can't see the road. Why aen't your windshield wipers working, and what can you do to fix it?  The good news is, the windshield wiper system is a simple one and any issue is relatively easy to fix. The wipers are powered through wiring that is regulared by a fuse. This will cause your wipers to move back and forth when you turn them on. If your windshield wipers aren't working as they should, here are some reasons why: Broken windshield wiper controls Blown fuse Faulty wiring Faulty motor Bad arm or pivot point If you do find yourself in the rain without working windshield wipers, don't push through it. Your ability to see the road accurately ... read more