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Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Major Maintenance - Serviced at 30K | 60K | 90K | 120K

Based on a vehicle’s age and mileage, manufacturers often have routine service schedules.  You must ensure your vehicle is maintained and working in top condition. It is vital to the integrity of your car, as well as your safety. Proper vehicle maintenance saves money on repairs down the road. Elite Auto Experts in Houston, Texas, are here to help you stay on top of your vehicle’s routine service schedules to ensure that your car stays in the most stable condition. 

Most common service intervals recur every 30,000 miles in which a service checkup is advised. The service appointment is a time for our expert technicians to evaluate the major components of your vehicle. We determine if any repairs or part replacements are needed at the 30/60/90 mileage intervals. Scheduling a significant service performed will allow you to get the best possible gas mileage, safest drive, and increase the lifespan of your vehicle. 

At Elite Auto Experts in Houston, Texas, our team will determine what services your vehicle may need based on factory recommendations and the condition of your car - applicable to their respective mileage interval. You can trust that our AAA Approve Auto Repair shop has experts prepared to take excellent care of your car or truck. We ensure that the correct services are performed correctly the first time to maintain your vehicle.

A typical 30/60/90k service checkup may include some of the following services:

●     Fluid exchanges
●     Filter replacements
●     Comprehensive Visual inspection of all vehicle components
●     Spark plug replacement
●     Tire rotation and check tire pressure
●     Timing belt replacement
●     Inspect belts & hoses

Most vehicles will need several major service repairs at 90k and 120k miles. Most may not require additional services such as Timing Belt replacements until the mileage interval of 120,000 miles or beyond. Once your vehicle mileage intervals pass and all necessary services are addressed, any ongoing maintenance scheduled usually reverts to one very similar to the original 30/60/90 schedule. These exceptions will vary from one vehicle to the next. They also may be influenced by other repairs and maintenance that inevitably become more common with high mileage vehicles.

Elite Auto Experts is the trusted Houston, Texas automotive repair shop for over ten years. We are located near the Cypress, Copperfield and Cy-Fair northwest communities in Houston. Our family-owned automotive shop has ASE Certified Technicians and 15 service bays. We will provide you with detailed automotive attention to ensure you are recognized and appreciated as a valued customer.

When your vehicle is due for a 30/60/90/120k service in the Houston, Texas area, please give us a call here at Elite Automotive Experts or feel free to stop by the shop.