Why my traction light is on

Traction control limits wheel slip when acceleration and the torque applied, most vehicles have a traction control system in them.

Speed sensors on each wheel detect which wheel is spinning faster than the other. The ABS activates on the slipping wheel to slow its speed, so it will be able to grip the road again.

A spinning tire has more grip than a sliding tire. If the front tires are sliding, your ability to steer will be hard, you may not be able to steer at all.

Below are some causes that cause traction control lights to come on.

Bad wheel speed sensors:  each wheel has its own speed sensor and all sensors connected to the traction control system and engine control unit.

Bad steering angle sensor: The sensor is located in the steering wheel, and it calculates the angle of the steering wheel and the rate in which it is being turned.

Bad road conditions: The traction control system may not be able to handle it if the road conditions are too severe, like a lot of snow or ice.

Bad steering rack:  it is an important part of the power steering system.

Programming Issue: These programming errors can happen as time goes on. Other times it could be a result of a manufacturer defect.

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