why my car is leaking fluids?: Identify what liquid is dripping and what to do

We are sure that more than once you have seen a puddle of liquid in the place where you usually park your car and have asked yourself, what should I do?

Here are some helpful tips for identifying common car fluids and the potential source of a leak.

  • Light brown or black fluid: Engine oil

If you see an amber, brown, or black liquid under your car is probably engine oil. Oil leaks often come from gaskets or seals in the engine. To prevent this leak from causing any lasting damage to your car take it to your trusted Auto Repair.

  • Red liquid: Transmission fluid

This usually means you have a transmission fluid leak on your hands, as it ages, it can turn darker red or brown and typically has a strong smell. Transmission fluid leaks can come from the transmission or the lines going to the radiator or cooler.

You can check the fluid levels using the dipstick, but we recommend you get your car towed to your nearest Auto Repair where a Certified Mechanic can take a look at it. 

  • Red or brown liquid: Power steering fluid

A reddish-brown liquid leaking could be power steering fluid. If there’s a leak, it could be a sign there’s a problem with the hoses and tubing that carry the fluid from the pump to the steering rack. Check the fluid levels in the power steering reservoir and make an appointment at the nearest mechanical workshop to put your car on the road without leaks.

  • Yellow to brown: Brake fluid

The most serious leak you can have on your car is brake fluid. You’ll spot this fluid under the wheels and around the brakes in general.

If you think it is a brake fluid leak, you should have the car looked at immediately as this is a potentially serious issue.

  • Green, orange, pink, or blue-green liquid: Coolant

This might make it sound tricky to identify, but thankfully coolant has a distinctively sweet smell and an almost slimy texture, which help you differentiate it from water if your coolant happens to be clear. The issue could be an easy fix, such as a loose clamp, but it could also mean something more complicated, like a broken water pump or leak within the heater.

You’ll need to check it into an Auto Repair to avoid being caught out on the road.

  • Clear: Water

If you've ever seen a small puddle of water as you leave a parking spot, don’t worry, Water leaks are one of the most common fluids you may experience while owning a car. This could be The exhaust system, The air conditioner leaking water, or The windscreen washer systemIt's unlikely you'll need to do anything, but you'll want to notify your mechanic just in case.

The best way to stay ahead of car problems is to have it checked regularly by an expert. You can perform a free check of your fluids to ensure that your car is in top-notch condition.

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