Why is my electric power steering not working

Power steering allows the driver to steer the car without applying a lot of force, some vehicles use hydraulic power, and others use electric motors.

An electric power steering system deals with sensors and electronic control units, so it needs calibration and programming. After the physical inspection of the electric power steering system, the auto repair shop needs to implement a new diagnosis process including using the scan tool and troubleshooting the electrical components for the power steering system.


Symptoms for electric power steering failure:

  • Vibration and pulsation when turning the steering wheel.

  • EPS Warning lights are on.

  • Hard to steer left or right.

  • Whining noise coming from the power steering motor.

  • Vehicle pulling in one direction.


Causes for electric power steering failure:

  • Damage to electronic power steering control unit.

  • Bad sensors like steering angle sensors and vehicle speed sensors.

  • Failing electric motor.

  • The system needs calibration or initialization.


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