Why is my car shaking?

  • A damaged or broken motor mount will cause your car to be shaking at idle, mainly when the gear selection on drive or reverse.
  • Unbalanced drive shaft and worn out CV axles, it will cause your car to shake while you are driving.
  • If you feel the shaking only with the steering wheel, the cause of that will be in the suspension system, like tie rods, shocks, ball joints and bearings.
  • Jerking and shaking when pressing on the accelerator, it could be ignition and tune up related items, like an ignition coil, spark plugs or injectors.
  • If your car only shakes when you apply the brake, that indicates a problem with warped brake rotor, or stock brake caliper.
  • Tires play a significant role in how your car rides, when there is a problem with your tires, it is going to affect the entire ride.

Regardless of what causes your car to shake, it is important not to ignore it and have it looked at quickly by an experienced mechanic, to avoid bigger problems and costly repairs.