Why is full synthetic oil Better?

Why is full synthetic oil Better?

Oil is one very important  element for keeping your engine running longer and more effectively. It does reduce wear and friction between engine parts and protect important components inside the vehicle.

Here is why full synthetic oil is better:

Full synthetic oil is less-refined oil used in conventional oils, making its molecules more uniform in size with much fewer impurities. 

Synthetic oil is better than conventional motor oil for:

  1. Resistance to oil breakdown 

  2. Improved fuel economy, time to save on gas!

  3. Less frequent oil changes.

  4. Enhanced horsepower due to reduced engine drag. 

  5. Less sludge build up.

  6. More efficient in cold or hot temperatures, make your engine last longer.

 Our mechanic will only replace the oil that your manufacturers have recommended for your vehicle,stop by our auto repair shop to get your oil changed today!