Why does my cv axle keeps breaking

A Constant Velocity Joint, or CV joint, is a driveshaft between the front differential and the wheel. The wheels turn and go up and down, so the CV joint needs to turn with the wheel, as well as have the ability to go up and down.

If you hear a clicking noise while making tight turns, this is a sign your CV joints are damaged.

 Bad or damaged engine mounts will cause the cv axle to keep breaking, overloading vehicles beyond its capacity and stress the axles with large bumps and potholes also will damage the cv joint too.

Another way drivers can put their CV parts at greater risk is by adding lift kits to their vehicle. When you add a lift, you increase the distance between the differential and the wheel hub which puts additional pressure on the CV axle, joint and boots.

Certified experience mechanic at an auto repair shop near your area will be able to determine the cause of why your cv axles get damaged.