Why are my brakes grinding

If when stopping or slowing down you hear grinding noises, your brake pads are most likely the issue. Over time your brake pads lose their thickness and you'll hear a grinding noise as they wear down further, the squealing noise also called “brake scrubbing”.  This is because of the lack of pad material in the brakes making the rotor disc and caliper rub against one another. The rotors and pads become metal to metal. This friction can result in serious damage if not resolved immediately. 

If you hear your brakes grinding when traveling at a steady speed that may be due to rocks between the caliper and the rotor. This is most common when traveling off-road. 

You can still drive when your brakes are grinding, but it is not safe and it could make the issue worse and increase the cost of repair. 

To resolve this problem you will need to have your brake pads replaced, but you may also need to replace both your discs or rotors at this point. 

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