When should you check your car's ac


In the past few decades, cars with auto air-conditioning (AC) were considered a luxury feature. Only a few vehicles had air conditioning as it was too expensive to install in lower-end automobiles. Today we can see air conditioning installed as standard equipment in our cars. 

The auto air conditioning system is intricate, and their regular inspection is essential from the auto ac repair shop. For the sustenance of a comfortable environment inside your vehicle, maintenance of your car ac system is necessary, and regularly inspect if there is anything wrong. 

The vehicle air conditioning system gets worn and damaged due to its frequent usage. When your vehicle's ac cannot provide enough cooling, you might need to repair it. But the question is, how will you determine that your car's air conditioning system requires maintenance? 

This article will provide you with all the necessary information on the ten possible signs of failure or lousy air conditioning that act as warnings. Wherever you feel them in your vehicle, you need to get it repaired right away. 





The powerful airflow is vital for keeping the car cabin cool, especially during hot weather. If you feel that the airflow is weak or negligible, then there is a problem. 

There are several reasons why it can occur, like the blower hose can be loose, breakage of the fan, or you have accumulated mold. Obviously, you don’t want this problem to be continued for a long time. Therefore, you must visit an auto ac repair shop to repair it. 


If you witness a water strain on your car mat, that indicates dashboard leaking. Your hose may be clogged when the dashboard leaks, preventing it from sipping water out. The moisture and age are the factors of air conditioning system leaks. 

The leaking dashboard is fundamental to repair as soon as possible. This is because it can damage other components if it's not fixed immediately. 


You often have heard someone blame that it's because of hot weather, which is preventing cool air from A/c. However, in reality, their ac system lacks refrigerant. Under high temperatures, the cooling of your car cabin might get slow but relax for a few minutes and wait for the cooling to occur. 

It can be possible that vents may throw warm or hot air, which can be highly frustrating during the humid or hot season. If the car cabin is not cooling properly, it needs to be repaired. This problem can occur due to a broken compressor, blown up fuse, breakage of the fan motor, or damaged evaporator. Whether it's a major or minor issue, you need to fix it unless you are comfortable driving in hot weather. 


The core duty of refrigerant is to keep your car interior cool enough for a pleasant drive. If you witness that your A/c is not providing enough cooling even after turning it on for a long time, there is a probability that your refrigerant is leaking. The elasticity of rubber seals and hoses can reduce overtime, allowing refrigerants to outflow. 

If there is moisture inside your car, it can damage the accumulator, drier, or receiver. Immediate attention is required when there is a problem of leaking refrigerant because it can damage other vital parts of your car ac. 


If weird noises occur while turning on your vehicle's AC, it's a sign of alarm. Nowadays, air conditioning systems' noise is designed to be as quiet as a mouse. 

While turning on car air conditioning, if you hear strange noises like banging, rattling, or worse, there is something problematic. It might happen if your fan blower is broken or some wreckage is stuck in your system. You might hear a high-pitched tone coming from your aircon belts. 

Under this condition, you shouldn't ignore this and should immediately bring your car to an auto ac repair shop. Ignoring this can cause significant damage in the future. 


Multiple reasons are associated with your air conditioning system blowing out cold air but suddenly getting warm after a few minutes. Imagine you are driving in hot summer and after a few miles away from your home, A/c stops cooling. Your whole day can be ruined as you reach your office or any other place with the pile of sweat. 

Clogged valves can be the cause of this symptom as it prevents the refrigerant from entering the evaporator. An aircon technician can restore your ac by removing the blockages. 


While driving, if you notice a nasty odor arising from your car system, it indicates a filthy cabin filter. As a responsible car owner, you should replace filters regularly to avoid any problematic scenes. 

Dirty filters make a terrible smell in your car cabin, which is commonly due to molds. These molds could spread within your evaporator or inside air vents. You should remove these molds as quickly as possible because they can cause allergic reactions. 

The regular changing of filters can avoid damage to your air conditioning system, and it's effective in reducing fuel consumption. If you face such an issue right now, immediately fix it to avoid health issues. 


If the A/c evaporator, condenser, fitting, or lines are facing any problems, it can cause compressor oil leakage. The air-conditioning system functioning can be disturbed, and it might stop cool air if there is oil leakage. 

It's crucial to fix this issue as it can harm your car's ac. Oil leakage may not be visible easily, but it can cause failure in your A/c systems to produce cool air. Checking the oil leakage frequently, especially during the summer season when A/c is consumed most of the time, is substantial to avoid unwanted circumstances.  


While your car ac is on, you sense the burning smell coming; it indicates the signs of burnt compressor wires or overheating. Damaged compressor wirings can distort the performance of the air conditioning system. 

The burning odor problem should be resolved to avoid further damage to compressor wiring. If not fixed on time, it can severely damage your vehicle's ac. 


When there is no movement of the compressor clutch, it means that your ac compressor has a problem. The compressor of your vehicle's ac is connected by pulley to the engine, and the engine provides power to the compressor only when needed. 

The broken clutch will fail the air conditioning system working as the engine will not be able to provide power to the compressor. If it happens, the clutch or entire compressor needs to be replaced depending upon the damage. 

Now we have gone through the 10 possible signs that communicate auto ac maintenance's message. Let's discuss other things that you, as a car owner, want to know about ac auto repair. 


Usually, the car ac service takes 3-4 hours. The steps included in the car servicing are as follows:

Firstly, the removal of residual gas is ensured from the A/c system. 

After removing the dashboard, the cooling coil is taken out. 

The process of cleaning the coil is compiled and fitted back. Next, the dashboard is fixed to its place. 

To avoid any hindrance due to vents, ac vents are cleaned. 

The condenser is pulled out after opening the bumper and appropriately cleaned. 

The condenser, after cleaning, is then fixed back. Then the gas is filled, and the auto ac service is completed. 

It's important to acknowledge that checkups can be done at home (though it is advised to consult professionals); servicing shouldn't be done at home as it's a technical process. If there is any leakage within the air conditioner system, it may fail. 

Whenever your vehicle ac is producing problems during the drive, you should search auto ac shops near me and get to the nearest mechanic shop. On average, you should service your car AC after two or three years. 


Everything in the world requires regular maintenance, and the same goes with the car ac. Ac is considered one of the top-notch features customers prefer while buying a car. After a few years, you might experience that your car ac is not working properly like before. It can be due to multiple reasons. 

It's evident that you know how car AC works and the importance of car air conditioning during the summer season. So, to avoid any problems, you should maintain your auto ac. These are the steps that can help you maintain your car ac. 

Always ensure to turn the ac on for 5 to 10 minutes minimum once a week. Even in the winter months, this activity should be pursued to ensure that your air conditioner is working correctly. It's helpful for gas pressure maintenance and smooth working of the compressor. 

Ensure to recharge your ac after every two years for its effective working. Always check the refrigerant levels. 

Ac systems run on a belt via an engine. To avoid any damage, proper lubrication is important. If the lubrication is insufficient, it might cause compressor failure. 

Always keep an eye on the car engine heat levels. If the car engine is overheating, the car may work negatively. Near the engine radiator, you can locate the car's ac system. Ensure to clean the radiator after every three months. 

Always prefer to use the car AC in air circulation mode. Under this mode, ac consumes less power and works more effectively.

Look for the engine warning lights regularly during the drive. Don't ignore any sound that occurs when you turn on ac. Ignoring these issues can cause mechanical damage to your car. 

Don't stress your car's air conditioner by turning it on when it has been directly under the sun. Firstly, turn the blowers on and roll down the windows. The hot trapped air will escape and then turn on the ac. 

To regularly maintain your vehicle's ac, you can visit any authentic auto ac repair shop. 


Air conditioning is among the essential features of your vehicle that make your ride more comfortable. Regular maintenance of your car's ac is vital to avoid long-term damage to your ac system. 

You should conduct regular checkups and maintenance of your car AC at least once a year. Whenever you witness any possible signs of ac repair in your cars, don’t waste time and contact your nearest auto repair shop.