What To Do If My Oil Warning Light Is On


They probably didn't teach you this in driver's ed, but an illuminated oil pressure warning light is serious business. When you see this light on your dash, you should immediately pull over and stop the car.

The oil light is an overlooked warning symbol, but it indicates fatal damage. It’s easy to think of it as your car having high blood pressure. If the oil pressure inside your engine is insufficient, it could mean bad news for your engine parts. 

Most vehicles nowadays have sensors that constantly monitor oil pressure. If an abnormal reading is detected, it will trigger the light to come on your dashboard. You should shut the engine off as soon as your catch this red light to prevent engine damage from spreading. Continuing to run your car in such conditions is just as bad as running your vehicle with no engine oil at all. Things will get ugly!

Most people confuse this light with the oil change light or reminder. However, that is not the case at all. Your car can be low on motor oil or have leaking oil, but still have the right amount of pressure. The oil light is not an indication of your oil levels. However, your light can come on due to poor pressure AND low or dirty oil.

To prevent straining your engine and accelerating wear on your engine components, please be sure to understand your motor inside and out. Both low-engine oil and bad-pressure of oil can lead to negative consequences for your car. But it is vital that you understand what the red oil can symbol means. That’s why the professional team at Elite Auto Experts in Houston, TX cannot stress enough the importance of regular and preventative maintenance. If you need an oil change or oil pressure warning light repair, please do not hesitate to call or visit the local experts at Elite Auto Experts today!