What Makes Cars Vulnerable to Dents?

No matter how cautious of a driver you are, accidents will happen. If and when they do, it could result in a dent or two. Besides a collision itself, what other dangers could put a dent in your car?


Inclement Weather

Seasons change, and the weather changes with it. Some weather conditions like rain, fog, hail, snow, and heavy winds can present various dangers to you and your car. For instance, fog can cloud your vision, and sleet can make the roads extra slippery. These conditions can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and collide with something. Furthermore, windy weather can cause debris to fly around and potentially hit your car.


Poorly Maintained Roads

If you frequently drive on poorly maintained or unpaved roads, you may find your car prone to damage. Loose, broken-down fragments can fly up and strike your car as you drive around. It is best to maintain a safe speed and be extra cautious of your surroundings when driving on poor-quality roads.


Parking Lot Hazards

Did you know that parking lots are among one the most frequent places where collisions occur? With a large number of vehicles in a confined place, accidents are bound to happen. Furthermore, unattended shopping carts can easily bump into cars. To prevent your car from being damaged in a parking lot, you should situate your car away from others.


If your vehicle has suffered from dents or other body damages, you should address it as soon as possible. You can trust the professionals at Elite Auto Experts to restore your vehicle. We only use high-quality parts and equipment to achieve stunning results. Please give us a call or visit today!