What is a wheel alignment and do you really need one?

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One often forgets the role the wheels and tires of a car play when it comes to the safety of the car. Your car may come with a variety of safety features like Automatic Braking System (ABS), airbags and traction control devices, but if your wheels are not in proper shape, your car is going to be unsafe to drive. Without wheels and tires a car is practically useless, which is why one needs to keep their car's wheels and tires well-maintained.

Generally, it is advised that you get a wheel alignment check at least once a year OR if you hit a major curb or pothole. You might have heard of the term wheel alignment but might not necessarily know what it means. 4 Wheel-alignment is a service done to align wheels in specific angles so that your car is stable and drives straight. It is a service that balances out the tires, making sure the load of the car is evenly distributed on all four tires instead of just one or two tires. So how does one know if their wheels are aligned properly?

There are some specific characteristics to look out for when it comes to a mis-aligned wheel. Some of these characteristics are:

  1. Uneven and excessive wear of tires: Lack of proper wheel-alignment leads to rapid wear and tear of the tires, usually uneven in nature.

  2. Car pulls to the left or right constantly: When your wheels are not aligned, your car constantly pulls to the left or right while you're driving.

  3. Steering wheel not centered: A classic indicative of a mis-aligned wheel is the steering wheel not being centered. When you're driving straight and your wheel seems to be slightly tilted, you need a wheel alignment.

Why is a 4 wheel alignment necessary?

If you still think that a wheel alignment service is an unnecessary maintenance cost, you might want to re-think again. Some of the benefits you reap due to wheel alignment are:

  1. Reduced tire wear: Most tires end up being replaced prematurely due to excessive wear and tear. With a proper wheel alignment, your car can run for longer without you having to get your tires changed ever so often.

  2. Better handling of the car: Simply put, cars with proper wheel alignment drive straight. You will no longer have to tilt your steering wheel in order to drive straight, neither will your car pull to the left or the right side of the road.

  3. Safer car: Since many factors like your car's shocks and brakes are all correlated to the wheels of your car, it will be a much safer car to drive as the shock will be absorbed evenly by the car.

  4. Improved gas mileage: Underinflated wheels can lead to more fuel consumption and cause you to fill up the tank rather frequently. If you see yourself filling up air in your tires frequently, you might have an issue with the wheel alignment. Having properly aligned wheels can improve your fuel economy significantly.

During a wheel alignment, your mechanic may find out that your car might have suspension problems. If that is the case, you should get your suspension problems fixed before they turn into a big deal. Suspension problems are hazardous to driving and if a part or component regarding the suspension is broken, one won't be able to drive the car. Since suspension repair costs can be high, you should always go to a highly reputable mechanic.

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