What Are the Telltale Signs That You Need New Brake Pads?

Brake pads are an essential part of your vehicle's brake system. In order to achieve a healthy and seamless stop, you need to have brake pads in good working condition. On average, you should exchange your brake pads every 40,000 to 50,000 miles. The good news is, you'll likely encounter minor symptoms when your brake pads are nearing their end of life. Below are five common signs it's time to replace your brake pads. 

Sign #1: Squeaking or Squealing Sounds

The first symptom that it's time to restore your brake pads is if you catch persistent unusual noises coming from your brakes. Sometimes you can expect squeaking brakes in wet road conditions. However, if you have noisy brakes on a clear day, your brake pads are due for service. Come by Elite Auto Experts for a proper diagnosis and replacement. 

Sign #2: Grinding Metal Noise

If you overhear a deep, grinding metal sound coming from your brakes, that's another indication that you need brake repairs. Certain brake pads have built-in metal wear indicators designed to make a loud grinding noise and inform you that it's time to replace the pads. Do not let this sound continue, and bring your vehicle to our shop immediately.

Sign #3: Indicator Light Illuminates

Sometimes a brake warning light will come on your dashboard to indicate worn brakes. This sign is more common in newer vehicles that have a sensor on the brake pad, which will trigger the message to come on. 

Sign #4: Vibrating Brake Pedal

A vibrating brake pedal is almost never a good sign. If your vehicle feels unstable whenever you brake, your brake pads are wearing thin. There's also a chance that your rotors are affected as well. You should have your braking system checked out as soon as possible.

Sign #5: Taking Longer to Stop

The last obvious sign that your brakes need repair is a general loss in performance when pressing the brakes. If your stoppage times are noticeably shorter than before, it may mean your brake pads are worn down, or your brake fluid is running low. For a proper diagnosis, you'll want to hear from a professional mechanic.


By keeping an eye on these symptoms of old brake pads, you can avoid the risk of being in a dangerous situation. If you need a brake inspection and service, we invite you to Elite Auto Experts. To schedule an appointment, please do so online or give us a call at (281) 717-6712!