What Are the Signs of Unbalanced Car Tires?

One of the many tire issues that motorists face is unbalanced tires. It is simply what it sounds like: your tires are not level with each other. Unbalanced tires can be a bad and even unsafe driving experience. Therefore, we thought we should educate our customers on the signs of unbalanced tires early on before it is too late. 

To understand the signs, you should first understand the significance of tire balance. When your tires are balanced, it ensures a smooth ride without noises or vibrations. Additionally, tire balancing services improve efficiency. Driving with low tire pressure, poor alignment, and wheel and axle damage are all things that can cause your tires to shift out of balance.

Signs of Unbalanced Car Tires

  • Wheel vibrations
  • Shaky steering wheel 
  • Rough handling
  • Poor fuel economy

When you bring your car to Elite Auto Experts, we will assess your vehicle, measure the weight of each tire, and get you the necessary repairs. We have all the right tools and tech to restore your car tires. Our mechanics will have you back on the road shortly after.

If you need tire balancing services in Houston, please call or visit the local repair specialists at Elite Auto Experts today.