What Are Common Causes of AC Leaks?

Unless you've spilled a water bottle or dragged in wet shoes from rain or snow, a wet floor in your vehicle may be a sign of an A/C leak. Air conditioning leaks can happen for numerous reasons, and it's critical to address them right away to avoid serious (and expensive) restorations. 


Clogged Evaporator Drain

Condensation and water can flow out of your car through an evaporator drain. Don't worry - we want this to happen! With usage over time, this drain can get blocked by dirt or debris. Similar to water in a stopped-up sink, the condensation from your A/C can get backed up. Once the evaporator core floods, the moisture will go right through to the A/C vents. Voila - you will get puddles. It would be best if you had a professional unclog this drain ASAP because it can damage electrical A/C components like the resistor.


Faulty Seals

If the plastic or rubber seals in your air conditioning system break, water can easily seep out of your vents. If this is the issue, the pooling will take place near the passenger side floor mats.


Damaged Evaporator Core

An evaporator core slightly looks like a radiator. Your evaporator core can rust if exposed to foreign materials. If you notice a musty odor coming from the vents when you start to blast the A/C, you're probably getting a whiff of those rotting contaminants in your evaporator core. You will need to replace this vital part.


Once your automotive A/C issue is diagnosed and fixed, be sure to clean up the water in the cabin and dry off your floor mats. We guarantee you'll want strong car A/C for the remainder of summer. At Elite Auto Experts, our expert team is always willing to help! For all your vehicle A/C needs, please give us a call or visit our shop today!