Vehicle Maintenance – Houston Auto Repair

A vehicle is a major financial investment for most individuals, so it's essential to keep it in top-notch condition. Regular vehicle maintenance sets your vehicle on the path to operate efficiently for an extended period of time. Spending on automotive service isn't fun; there are many other cool gadgets to spend on. However, spending a little now helps prevent the bigger, costlier repairs in the future. Maintenance not only promotes longevity, but it saves time and money later down the road. Below are a few preventative maintenance services worth considering. 

Rotate the Tires 
The tires should be rotated at every oil change. Rotating the tires keep them in prime condition to safely take on various road and weather conditions. As you drive, tires become worn. Tire rotations ensure that there's a balance in tire wear and it extends their life cycle. 

Transmission Fluid
Make sure there is a sufficient amount of transmission fluid. Transmission fluid lubricates the major components of a vehicle's transmission. The transmission fluid must be filled to manufacturer-recommended levels to work in conjunction with the coolant to reduce the gaskets' high operating temperatures and conditions. It also helps to clean and protect essential metal surfaces from wear. 

Replace the air filter
The engine air filter protects the engine from dirt and pollution. The air filter ensures that the airflow in the engine uptake is clean and free of debris. When the air filter goes neglected for long periods, performance issues may become noticeable. 

Oil Changes
Motor oil cools the engine, reduces corrosion, and lubricates the engine's moving parts. Without clean motor oil, your vehicle will break down entirely. Oil changes should be scheduled every 5,000 to 7,500 thousand miles, depending on the type of oil. Oil changes are the ultimate maintenance task that extends the life of your engine. 

Check the coolant levels.
Coolant is a sweet-smelling liquid that regulates the temperature of different components. The coolant level should be checked at least four times a year; low coolant levels can lead to the engine overheating. 

 Elite Auto Experts in Houston, Texas, understands how important preventative maintenance is. No matter if you're commuting to work or going on a road trip, your vehicle needs to be reliable. We have preventive services that include checking your fluids, oil changes, tire rotations, brake flushes, and more. We are the elite experts in all makes and models.