Tips to keep more money in your wallet

Paying more money for higher grade gasoline if your car is not required to use it by the car manufacturer, it will be only wasting money. Using higher grade gasoline, it will not it will not help your car engine performance, or even get better mileage. The numbers on the pumps reflect the amount of octane in the gas, all that means the resistance for anti-knock. The high octane required in high performance engines, some European cars like BMW or Mercedes-Benz. Filling up your car with low octane fuel you are not compromising the quality. If your car has a problem, like consuming too much gas, it will be highly recommended to take it to a certified mechanic, auto repair shop near you. Keeping up with your manufacturer's scheduled maintenance, performing fuel and air induction system cleaning will help the performance of your car. Call us today to schedule your appointment for fuel injectors cleaning or for manufacturer scheduled maintenance. Elite Auto Experts is an affordable and reliable auto repair shop in Houston TX serving Copperfield, Cypress and surrounding areas, with certified mechanic experience.