The Importance of the 30/60/90K Service


The term 30/60/90K maintenance plan is synonymous with your factory scheduled maintenance plan. You might wonder why the three numbers are so significant, and it is because the majority of car manufacturers recommend these services every 30,000 miles. 


Don't Miss Your 30/60/90K Maintenance.

The truth is this servicing is very important for your vehicle to undergo. At each of these milestones, specific procedures need to be done to upkeep your car. Ignoring the service can lead to severe problems and a shorter lifespan for your vehicle. There are two reasons to follow this plan:

1 - Sticking to the maintenance schedule will ultimately prolong the life of your car. You can often avoid much more extensive repairs in the end. 

2 - Additionally, sticking to the plan is usually a requirement to maintain your warranty. For instance, if you want the dealership to honor your car's warranty, you must follow the scheduled maintenance plan. 


What Is Included in the Maintenance Service?

Typically the technician will give a thorough inspection of your car and look for any signs of trouble or components that need to be replaced. The services usually include:

  • Changing the oil.
  • Replacing filters and spark plugs.
  • Rotating all the tires.
  • Inspecting your hoses and belts.
  • Topping off the essential fluids. 

As your car ages, you are more likely to get additional repairs and services.


Who Should Do the Maintenance?

This is the ultimate question you are probably wondering: should you take your car to the dealership where you purchased it? It depends and is up to preference. The dealership will almost always cost more money than taking it to an independent dealer. If you don't want to expend a ton of money to get your 30-60-90 services done, then bring it to Elite Auto Experts. 


Will bringing it to Elite Auto Experts void the warranty? Most dealerships want you to believe that, but it is not true. The warranty comes directly from the manufacturer and not the dealer. So as long as you acknowledge the factory scheduled maintenance plan, your warranty will remain valid. 


It might seem like a hassle at first, but it is always recommended to follow your manufacturer's advice. Doing so will ensure your vehicle is safe and preserve the quality of your car. Come by our shop in Houston, TX today!