Importance of regular brake inspections and maintenance: What to expect of a Brake Inspection?

The most crucial safety system in your car is the brakes. Functioning car brakes are extremely important, brakes that aren’t properly maintained and examined on a regular basis might fail you when you need them the most.

For us at Elite Auto Experts Auto Repair and Body Shop, we believe It’s always important to have your brakes inspected and serviced regularly to ensure driving safety out on the road.

Our Expert Technicians will examine every aspect of the braking system to make sure the vehicle is running properly.

These are a few things our Expert Technicians will check to get your brakes in shape


  • Road Test: Our experts will drive the vehicle to experience the feel, smells or sounds for the brake repair. During this time, the technician should also check the brake lights.
  • Visual Inspection: Then our expert technicians will pop the vehicle’s hood to visually inspect the engine area after the test drive. They should inspect the master cylinder, brake lines, power boosters, vacuum hose, and combination valve and look for any wear, damage, or leaks in these components.
  • Brake Pedal Inspection: The brake pedal is checked for these important things:
    • Brake Pedal Height
    • Brake Pedal Free Play
    • Brake Pedal Reserve Distance
  • Brake Fluid Analysis: This test ensures that the brake fluid is in good condition and remains uncontaminated with other elements. We should also check if the fluid is too low and may need refilling.

Brake fluid is important because it exerts force to compress the brake pads and activate the brakes when you step on the brake pedal. It is recommended that you change the fluid every year or two to ensure the smooth functioning of the brakes.

  • Brake Hose and Line Inspection: The brake lines and brake hoses should be inspected for cracks and moisture.
  • Undercarriage Inspection: Our technician also will inspect the undercarriage for wear, leaks, or physical damage during this time. The inspection should also include the mounting brackets, front brake hoses, and wheel cylinders for rust and damage as well.
  • Wheel Component Inspection: The caliper assemblies should be checked to ensure no leaking fluids or rusted caliper slides. Brake motors should also be checked for physical damage.

The brake check ends with inspections of:

At Elite Auto Experts Auto Repair and Body Shop, your safety is our top priority. With our team of expert technicians committed to delivering the best brake service in Houston, you can trust to keep your vehicle in excellent condition.

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