How to Keep Your Car In Good Shape for the Fall

Tomorrow marks the start of October Fall Care Care Month, and we’d like for you to celebrate with us at Elite Auto Experts. Now is the ideal time to make sure you are up to date with your vehicle’s maintenance. If you’re overdue for an oil change or brake service, we welcome you to our auto service shop. We can give you the rundown on our fall essential car care checklist below:

  1. TUNE-UP - If you can’t recollect your last vehicle tune-up, you are more than likely due for one! A tune-up includes a comprehensive check and adjustments or replacements of parts under the hood to ensure your engine runs smoothly and efficiently. We can replace your air filter or any worn spark plugs and inspect your timing belt.
  2. FLUID CHECK - Our technicians can also assist you with monitoring your many car fluids, including windshield washer fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and more. We recommend getting an oil change as well to keep your engine properly lubricated. 
  3. TIRES - Proper tire maintenance can help you save money on tires in the long run. Additionally, it’ll ensure your tires run safely on the road. At our shop, we can make adjustments to your tire pressure and perform quality tire rotations and wheel alignments to keep them in line. 
  4. BRAKES - Brakes are a significant safety feature of your vehicle, and you should have inspections done seasonally to ensure your car can stop and slow down in time. Our techs can replace your brake pads and other brake components if necessary. 
  5. HEATER & DEFROSTERS - Last but not least, we can help you stay warm in your car by testing your car heater. It has probably been a while since you last ran them. And we will even see if your defrosters work too. They can make a huge difference in clearing up a foggy windshield. 

Let us help you take care of your car, SUV, or truck this fall. We invite you to stop by our shop or call Elite Auto Experts today to make an appointment. Feel free to schedule your appointment using our online form.