​How to check the tire pressure

Did you know that your tires can lose air pressure without you even noticing? You could be cutting down on your car's performance If you're not checking your tire pressure regularly. Check the pressure every two to four weeks, and always before traveling or if you're carrying additional loads. Tires without the right amount of pressure in them tend to wear out faster. Could also lead to collisions, crashes, and a general loss of control over your vehicle. There are several reasons you need to check the pressure in your tires. Some of the most important are:

  • Optimize tire performance and fuel economy 
  • Enhance durability and performance 
  • Bypass sidewall flexing and tire squirm
  • Evade heat and rolling hazards
  • Responsiveness, traction, and handling

Checking your air pressure is easy; all you need is a tire gauge. When you close the valve of the tire, the gauge will display the Pounds per Square Inch (PSI). 

The proper PSI is usually slightly different for all tires, The tire pressure information can be found on a sticker on the door of the driver’s side. (usually around the mid 30's for most cars).