Fall Vehicle Tips to Improve Gas Mileage

Cars are wonderful because they open several new worlds by way of travel. However, the expense of owning a vehicle can become overwhelming. A driver can find the additional cost burning through their pockets from the car purchase itself to regularly scheduled maintenance. Fuel doesn’t have to be another significant expense. Below are five tips to keep gas expenses low and its usage more efficient.

Vehicle Weight
Don’t stuff your vehicle up to its weight capacity. Whether it’s carried in the cabin or the trunk, additional weight forces the car to work harder. If the engine has to work harder to move, more fuel will be used. 

Tire Pressure
Tire pressure is easy to maintain since there are air tanks and tire gauges at most gas stations. If checking your tire pressure makes you uncomfortable, most automotive repair shops will inspect the tire pressure and fill them up for you quickly and usually free of charge. If the tire pressure is too low, fuel efficiency will decrease. However, don’t overfill them either, as too much air can cause them to wear quicker. Stick to the recommended psi inside the driver’s door for the tire pressure most effective for your vehicle. 

Avoid Stop and Go Traffic
Stop and go traffic is a gas guzzler. If possible, choose the freeway or highway to get the best gas mileage and top performance. 

Consider Cruise Control
Cruise control allows you to sit and leave the car driving at one speed. This is perfect for drives on the highway and long commutes without traffic. It gives your foot and leg rest from being extended. And since you aren’t excessively pressing the pedal, your vehicle saves gas. 

Don’t Idle
If you need to wait in your car, turn the engine off. Leaving the engine on and idling the vehicle can waste an unnecessary amount of gas while the vehicle is just sitting in one place. 

Increasing fuel efficiency saves you money in the long run. Don’t spend money on costly modifications to save money on gas; change a few driving habits, and you can easily reap a ton of benefits.

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