Car Extended Warranty Guide: Everything you should know about

A car extended warranty is a repair contract limiting a car owner’s financial risk for a set period.

It will make your life easier on those days when the engine light suddenly comes on, or the thermostat starts to rise thanks to a leak in the cooling system.

Having a car extended warranty can protect you from paying excessive fees if your car needs repairs. But not all warranties act the same. In fact, not all warranties are worthwhile.

Here’s this guide on automobile extended warranties, how they work, if extended warranties are worth it, and if you need them.


  1. What is a Car Extended Warranty
  2. How Long Does a Car Extended Warranty Last?
  3. What Does a Car Extended Warranty Cover?
  4. All about Extended Warranty

What Is a Car Extended Warranty?

A car extended warranty is essentially a contractual agreement between you and either the car's manufacturer or a third-party warranty provider. This contract stipulates that they will cover the cost of certain repairs for your vehicle.


These warranties come into play when your car experiences problems that are considered defects by the manufacturer or issues that don't meet reasonable performance expectations. However, it's important to note that they do not cover damage resulting from accidents or if you're using your car in a way that goes beyond its intended use as defined by the manufacturer. Additionally, regular wear and tear on your vehicle are not covered by these warranties.


How Long Does a Car Extended Warranty Last?

Car extended warranties have a specific timeframe or mileage limit. Usually, the standard car's extended warranty lasts for 3 years or up to 36,000 miles, whichever happens earlier. In simple terms, this warranty will take care of necessary repairs during the initial 3 years of car ownership or within the first 36,000 miles you drive the vehicle.

And for most of us, the mileage limit comes first

What Does a Car Extended Warranty Cover?

A car extended warranty takes care of problems or damage that happen while you're using your car normally, but it doesn't cover things that wear out over time. It can pay for replacing faulty parts with new or fixed ones, and it also covers the cost of the work done.

For example, if your coolant system breaks down while your bumper-to-bumper coverage is still good, the extended warranty will pay for the whole replacement. 

Car Extended Warranties Don’t Cover Normal Wear and Tear

Car extended warranties typically handle the replacement of parts that wear out faster than expected. But when it comes to parts that normally wear out, like brake pads, they usually won't cover the expense.

However, if, for instance, your car's brake pads wear out really quickly, like, after only 10,000 miles, the extended warranty would likely cover the cost of the new pads. Plus, it would take care of diagnosing and fixing the issue causing them to wear out so fast.

Car Extended Warranties Don’t Cover Abnormal Use

Car extended warranties usually don't cover things like racing your car on a track, going off-road, or using your vehicle in ways that aren't considered standard.

If you push your car to haul or tow more weight than it's designed for, that can also make the extended warranty null and void.

Even if you get a truck or SUV that's promoted for off-road adventures, taking it off-road might cancel out the extended warranty.

Car Extended Warranties Do Not Cover Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Every car manufacturer has this list of regular maintenance tasks you need to do.

But here's the catch: car extended warranties don't cover the routine maintenance stuff. In fact, if you don't follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule, it could cancel your extended warranty.

All About Extended Warranties

When you're buying a brand-new car, you don't really have to think about whether to buy an extended warranty or not. See, the initial car warranty is already included in the price of the new car. But once that initial warranty runs out, you can consider getting more coverage through something called an extended warranty.

These extended warranties can cover different things. Some just handle the vehicle's powertrain, while others give you bumper-to-bumper coverage.

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