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A/C Tips for The Summer

Summer is here, and it feels like a sauna outside - the last thing you need is more hot air blasting from your car vents. Is your A/C ready to take on summer temperatures? It’s best to learn what you can do to help if your air conditioner can’t blow an icy chill to offset the sweltering heat.  Don’t rush to turn on “Max A/C” No one wants to wait for their A/C to get cold before they start their dive. It can be tempting to press the “Max A/C” button right away, but this isn’t the most effective. Temperatures inside your car can reach up to 200° degrees; this makes the air inside your vehicle warmer than outside. When the air is hotter inside your car, “Max A/C” works harder and takes longer to cool your vehicle down. It’s best to turn the fan on and set it to “outside” mode to force some of the hot air out. After a few minutes, turn on the A/C and set it to “recirculate&rdquo ... read more