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Tips For Keeping Your Car Cabin Clean & Germ-free

Cleaning and maintaining a sanitized car is more important than ever with the current state of the country. Washing hands and disinfecting high-touched surfaces are two of the best ways to defend against spreading germs. Your car should also receive special treatment. It doesn’t take much for dust and dirt to accumulate every time you drive your vehicle. Frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, the steering wheel, the shift lever, and any buttons carry bacteria. Find a suitable area for a car wash that allows you to give your vehicle the bit of elbow grease it deserves. Below are a few suggestions to adapt to your next cleaning regimen to defend against spreading illness-causing germs:  According to the CDC, alcohol-based solutions that contain at least 70 percent of alcohol are effective against COVID-19. Household cleaners that kill coronaviruses on hard surfaces at home are suitable cleaning agents for your car’s insides without damaging its interior.  ... read more