5 Signs Of A Bad Car Battery

Car batteries are just like ordinary batteries you can buy at a store, but they are bigger and can be charged. They are used to power every component that needs electricity and also play a key role in the engine. Fuel injectors and spark plugs use electricity to operate, which makes the battery that much more important. That's why you should know a couple of the warning signs it gives before completely failing. Here are five of them and why they occur:

1. Dim Interior And Exterior Lights

Your headlights are powered directly and only by the battery. If you notice that they're dimmer than usual, it's most certainly because of the battery. Not enough power equals a lack of performance and lighting. Make sure to visit a mechanic so you can stay safe on the road.

2. Car Doesn't Start

While the battery doesn't directly ignite the fuel in your engine, it provides power to the components that do. The starter, spark plugs, and fuel injectors all operate using electricity. This means that if you are having trouble starting, it is most likely the battery.

3. Battery Light Comes On

Your battery light can turn on due to either a low charge or a problem with the alternator. Both of them are directly connected to the battery and have an effect on it. Take notice of this obvious sign and visit a local repair shop. 

4. Battery Has Changed Its Shape

If you find yourself under your car's hood, check the battery and its shape. If it's bulging or has a strange shape, visit a repair shop ASAP. Driving it is not advised because it can lead to an explosion, causing further damage. This is because the battery has either aged or the chemicals have mixed, causing an unwanted reaction.

5. Difficulties Locking/Unlocking The Car

Another very obvious sign is having issues unlocking or locking the car, especially if the key fails to unlock it using the keyhole. Due to a lack of a proper supply of electricity, the mechanism doesn't have enough power to do what it's told.

Battery Changes At Elite Auto Experts!

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