5 Indicators when you should go for an Automotive Ac Repair

In the modern era, the usage of cars is tremendously increased, and people perceive it as a necessary need. Air conditioning is vital during hot summer, whether in your home or car.

The facility of an air conditioner inside the car is a source of comfort and contains safety factors. Well! Now you are wondering about the safety factor in which sense? When driving in a hot car cabin, you can feel stressed and get exhausted within no time, especially when you get in a traffic rush. So, regularly check the proper working of your car ac all the time. 

Luckily, everything has a solution, and if your car ac is facing any problem, it can be resolved. You can check for any automotive ac repair shops, and you will get the solution to your problem.  

While driving, you can face any circumstances during driving that can indicate the improper working of your car's air conditioner. Let’s explore those five signs when your car's ac needs repair. 

Airflow is Weak


Is your car taking a long time to cool the cabin after turning on the ac? If the answer is yes, there is debris in the fan, or the cool air cannot reach the air vents. Blocked air inlets, either at the passenger side footwell or windshield base, can reduce the airflow. 

These blockages need cleaning from an automotive ac repair shop to ensure maximum performance. If the Ac seal is damaged or open, it could also result in weak airflow, reducing cold air accessibility in the cabin. At this point, it is evident to get your car to the nearest car ac repair shop to eradicate any issue. 

Uncommon Odors

Unusual odors from the dash vends after turning on the car ac indicate a problem that needs urgent repair. It might be possible that a sudden pungent smell arises due to bacteria buildup on your air conditioner evaporator. 

An unpleasant vinegar smell occurs after battery acid leakage or ozone emissions. The burning rubber smell is due to excessive dust or askew pulley. You should be active enough in examining these issues as they are essential to repair because it's better for car maintenance and your health. After all, such smells can cause health problems like allergies. 

Wet Spots Indication on Floor Mats

Have you seen any damp patches on your floormates or beneath the dashboard? If you find this condition, then your car ac has leakage. However, if you continuously find damp spots, that can be a critical warning sign of a blocked Ac pipe. Repair it as soon as possible as it can damage other car components. 

If damp patches increase, immediately schedule a car ac repair from an authentic mechanic. 

Weird Noises

When you turn on your car ac, it should run silently without making weird noises. However, the noises like rattling, banging, and other unusual sounds show that your car's ac needs an urgent repair. The nature of sounds and their causes are as follows: 

If your car is creating rattling noise, the Ac compressor is failing. 

The clicking noise indicates that an object is stuck into the blower motor. 

Ac system hoses need a significant repair after you listen to vibrating noises. 

When your system is overcharged with refrigerant, it produces budding noises, and if left unchecked, it can damage other components of the car. 

In short, if your car ac is producing weird noises, it signifies the central problem in your car ac that needs an urgent repair to save your time and money. 

If you find any of these conditions, instantly bring your car to the nearest automotive ac repair shop to resolve these issues. 

Change in Blown Air

When your car ac is releasing cold air but after a specific moment releases warm air, it indicates the failure of the expansion valve. A faulty expansion value restricts refrigerant flow, which results in the flow of warm air. 

 You will witness that your car air conditioner is playing tricks due to a faulty compressor clutch, which is the essential part of your car ac system. It might be possible that the lifetime of the compressor clutch is overdue because of consistent usage. The important thing is that you have to fix the car's air conditioner to sustain a calm environment in your car cabin. 

How You Can Fix Your Car Air Conditioner

If your car's ac is faulty, it can be the most critical issue to diagnose and repair. If your car's ac is not performing up to the mark, the initial thing you should consider is to find any leakage or working of your ac compressor. 

When your car ac demands significant repairs, you may not have the equipment to resolve those significant repairs at home. If the refrigerant is low, you can recharge it using a recharge kit available for sale in different local auto parts stores. 

Method 1: Issue Identification  

Start the vehicle and turn on Ac at high frequency. Analyze and examine the air coming out of the car ac whether it’s warm or cold. If the air is warm, there can be an issue with airflow. 

Check the working of your cooling fans. If they are not working correctly, there can be an electrical issue.

Replacing the cabin air filter in your vehicle can increase the airflow inside your car cabin. Moreover, it can also get you rid of unpleasant smells in your car. 

Look into the compressor of your car ac to examine its working. After locating ac in engine bay, look at whether the pulley center is turning along with the pulley or not. 

The working of the clutch ensures the proper working of air conditioning. If the clutch is engaging correctly, your car ac is effective. 

If the clutch doesn't engage, it needs replacement.

Its also critically important to check the ac wiring to ensure the proper functioning of the air conditioner. It may be possible that the compressor wiring is defective and needs replacement.

If you want to replace your car's ac compressor, repair is needed, which will require specialized tools. 

Bring your vehicle to the automotive ac repair shop to change the compressor or clutch. 

Examine any leakage inside your car ac system. Multiple tools in the market can be used to detect any leakage. 

Examine any leakage detection inside your car's ac system. 

If there is any leakage, bring your car to Elite auto experts for a quick repair.

Your car ac refrigerant may be in low percentage if you don't find any leakage. 

Method 2: Preparing to Add Refrigerant 

Go to the market and purchase effective refrigerant for your car ac. The simplest way to check the effectiveness of refrigerant is by its manufacturing date. It depends on the type of vehicle you have. If you have an old vehicle, it uses R12

You can refill R12 by yourself. 

If your vehicle utilizes RI2, you should consult a car ac repair shop. 

Your car air conditioner includes two service ports: higher and lower side ports. You have to locate a low-side service port during the recharging process. 

To reach the low-side service port, follow ac compressor lines until you find a nozzle near the car bottom. 

If you still can’t find it, read your car manual and locate it. 

You can use the rag to clean the service port area. If there is any debris or grime, ensure to remove it for the effective working of your car air conditioner. 

Attach the charging hose to the low-side service port you have identified before. Ensure that hose's opposite end is attached to the nozzle on the can. 

If there is a gauge in your can, the hose should be linked to the nozzle on the gauge and then to the can. 

Ensure that your hose should be long enough to connect the port to smoothen the process.

Read the gauge chart for the identification of the current refrigerant level. Once the spraying process starts, you need to watch the gauge to determine pressure and stop when the system is complete. 

Keep an eye on the gauge throughout the charging process. 

Read the can instructions if you don’t know how to read gauge. 

Method 3: Refilling Refrigerant

Now turn the valve on of the refrigerant until it releases the refrigerant through the hose into the ac system. 

Always follow the instruction before doing this procedure. 

When injecting the refrigerant inside the car ac system, shake it occasionally. If you do not apply this process, the pressure may drop, failing to refill the system. 

If you shake the can occasionally, it will help maintain the pressure as it will enforce refrigerant to enter the ac system. 

Don't hold the can upside down unless the instructions acknowledge you. 

Keep your eye on the ac system to spot any signs of leakage. If there is any leakage, it needs to be repaired by a professional mechanic. 

Leaks are easy to spot once you refill the system. 

Once the pressure gauge is full, remove the hose from the service port and return the cap. If there is any refrigerant left, you can use it in the future. 

If the can is empty, throw it away. 

Ensure the can is not leaking if you want to store it. 

If you have spotted any major problems in your car ac like compressor failure, leakage, and others, you have to bring your vehicle to an automotive ac repair shop. To deal with major ac problems, you have to use the latest technological tools to deal with this problem effectively. 


If you have a lucrative car facility, you know the importance of car ac in hot summer. Multiple factors can cause defects within the car air conditioner system. The diagnosis of these problems is vital for the proper working of car ac. 

A few signs when your car needs repairs are drafted in this article. Moreover, how to fix car ac problems is also tricky and vital to know. You can find valuable and constructive information in this article that can inform you about the ins and outs of the car ac system. If you witness any of these signs, you can visit Elite auto experts. We are the promising solution to your every car problem. 


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