3 Benefits of Tire Rotations

Responsible car care doesn’t stop at oil changes and fluid top-offs. Proper maintenance also includes tire servicing. Tire rotations are essential in increasing their lifespan and efficiency. During a tire rotation, the tires are repositioned either front to back to side to side every 5,000 miles. Rotating the tires allows your tires to wear evenly across all four tires; this maximizes the available tread. There are various signs that your vehicle is due for an alignment. If one of your tires loses pressure faster than the others or there’s vibrating and uneven tire wear, it’s time to schedule an inspection. A tire rotation isn’t a service to stress about because it provides many benefits that outweigh the minor time commitment. Below are three primary reasons you shouldn’t skip a tire rotation service.

The tires wire evenly.  

Rotating your tires moves them in a different vehicle position over time, allowing them to wear evenly. The tires on the front axle wear differently than the rear axle, and uneven tire wear can decrease their lifespan. Uneven tire wear can also cause a decrease in tire pressure, and you may find yourself replacing the tire sooner than expected. 

It limits vibration and decreases road noise.

Uneven tire wear can cause your ride to be disrupted by vehicle vibrations. The vibrating may be most noticeable in the steering wheel. Also, excessive vibration can make outside road noise seem louder. A tire rotation should alleviate vibrations and road noise, but they may need to be balanced or aligned as well. Bring your vehicle to our experts to determine which tire service would be best for your car. 

It offers better handling for a safer ride. 

Regular tire rotations preserve drivability and handling. They help your tires maintain road traction so your vehicle can brake quickly when it needs to. Tire rotations are a primary maintenance task for safe driving, have your automotive technician check the tire wear during your oil change to stay informed on the next best time to schedule one. 

Tire rotation service in Houston, TX

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