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A vehicle that’s well taken care of can last for many, many years. In order to extend your car or truck’s road life, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure your vehicle stays safe and healthy. Think of Elite Auto Experts as the doctor for your car–sometimes you go in for preventive care, other times with minor ailments, and on rare occasions you have to schedule a major operation! 

As with people, prevention is often key to a healthy vehicle. We encourage you to follow a regular maintenance schedule to optimize your car’s performance and possibly identify issues before they become major problems. Try to stay on top of oil changes, filter replacements and brake performance. Of course, if you do notice your check engine light popping up on your dashboard, bring in your vehicle right away. We’ll be happy to diagnose the issue and send you back on the road in a vehicle that keeps you and your family safe. 

Time for your annual vehicle inspection? Yes, we do that, too!

Car Maintenance Services

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Stay on track with a professional wheel alignment!Proper alignment for your vehicle is crucial for maintaining handing, fuel efficiency, as

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Feeling uncomfortably hot? It’s all cool. Bring your vehicle to Elite Auto Experts for quality auto AC repair. Then chill.A

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Vehicle Inspection In Houston

Getting an annual vehicle inspection isn’t just good maintenance practice, it’s Texas law. Get your sticker with Elite Auto Experts!

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Check Engine Light in Houston, TX

Don’t panic if your check engine light flares up unexpectedly. Just bring in your vehicle and we’ll diagnose the issue.

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I have been using Elite for 8 years or more. Never had a bad experience. These guys are fair and honest and will treat you right. They work great with my warranty company and don’t let them wiggle out of a claim. I love this place.

Elite Auto Experts happy client; good review
Bill D. Client Via Google Reviews

Needed some work done on my BMW X5 and not only did these guys come in at about half the cost to repair my vehicle as the other shop I tried before, but they did the repairs extremely fast, gave me a 3 year/36,000 mile parts and labor warrenty, and even washed my car before…

Elite Auto Experts happy client; good review
Chelsea R. Client Via Yelp!

I took my wife’s car in for a major repair a couple of weeks ago. They gave me a loaner for the duration of the repair and Mo fought it out with  warranty company until they agreed to replace the engine. Runs like new now. I’ve been using these guys for about 7 years now…

Elite Auto Experts happy client; good review
Clay F. Client Via Yelp!

I had my 2005 Honda Accord repaired after a minor auto accident. I received great service. They did body work along with installing some new components. They were very professional and gave me honest and accurate estimates, updates and final billing. They even delivered my car to me 75 miles away. I highly recommend their…

Elite Auto Experts happy client; good review
Rusty Smith Client Via Google Reviews
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