5 Myths about wheel alignment and suspension


5 Myths about wheel alignment and suspension



Myth 1: “Alignment is only necessary after an accident”

While accidents can certainly affect wheel alignment, it’s not the only reason. Normal wear, driving over rough roads and even hitting curbs can gradually throw your vehicle’s alignment out of spec.


Myth 2: “Alignment is only about straight Wheels”


Wheel Alignment involves multiple angles, including camber,caster, and toe. It’s not just about making your wheels look straight; it’s about optimizing how your tires contact the road for safety, handling, and tire longevity.


Myth 3: “Alignment is expensive and unnecessary”


Neglecting wheel alignment can be more expensive in the long run. Misaligned wheels can lead to uneven tire wear, reduce fuel efficiency, and potentially cause the need for premature tire replacement and costly repairs.


Myth 4: “Suspension upgrades are only for sports cars”


Suspension upgrades can benefit various types of vehicles, not just sports cars. Upgrades can enhance comfort, and handling, making them suitable for a range of driving needs.


Myth 5: “Suspension upgrades always lead to a stiff ride”


Suspension upgrades can be tailored to provide a balance between improved performance and ride comfort. It’s possible to enhance handling without sacrificing ride quality

By dispelling these myths about wheel alignment and suspension and promoting accurate information, vehicle owners can make informed decisions about their alignment and suspension needs, ultimately ensuring safer and more efficient driving experiences.

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