Why do my brakes make squeaking noises?

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We get this concern a lot. Why are my brakes squeaking?

In a simple way the brake system works when we push on a brake pedal, we activate the hydraulic system pushing the fluid from the brake master cylinder, through the brake lines, abs system, brake hoses to the brake caliper, brake caliper bushes the brake pad or the brake shoes against the brake rotor or the brake drum to stop the vehicle.

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Several things could cause the brake to squeak, the common cause is losing the friction material on the brake pads or the brake shoes, at that point will get metal to metal surface causing the brake squeaking noise, another cause will be warped brake rotors in this situation the brake pad does not touch the whole surface of the brake rotor causing the squeaking noise, a foreign material between the brake pad and rotor or between the brake shoes and drum will cause brake squeaking too.

It is highly recommended to get your brake system checked out regularly to avoid the costly repair and for your safety and your family.

Keep driving the car or truck after hearing the squeaking noise it may damage the brake rotor or the brake drum at that point instead of resurface them we have to change them in which it will be more to repair, also keep driving with worn brake pads it will cause the brake caliper piston to be pushed all the way cousin a brake fluid leak, causing my brake pedal to be soft or to go all the way down to the floor, it will be unsafe to drive it at that point and the repair will be more costly.

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