Have you noticed uneven tire wear? Or while driving, have you experienced an off-centered steering wheel, swaying, drifting, pulling, or difficult steering? Any of these symptoms may indicate the need for service or repairs to your vehicle’s steering and suspension system. An alignment consists of properly adjusting the angles of the wheels according to vehicles specifications. Having a properly-aligned vehicle can protect you from spending hundreds of dollars in tire replacement and suspension repairs.

1. All-Wheel Full Adjustable Alignment: For vehicles with adjustable rear suspensions, we adjust the front and rear wheels perfectly parallel to the vehicle’s geometric centerline. The results are four wheels parallel with the steering wheel perfectly centered.

2. All Wheel Thrust Angle Alignment: For vehicles with non-adjustable rear suspension, we determine the rear wheels’ thrust line (the direction in which they push) and then adjust the front wheels to be perfectly parallel with the rear thrust line. The results are front wheels precisely aligned with the thrust line of the rear wheels, all four wheels parallel and the steering wheel perfectly centered.

Standard Alignment

  • 4-wheel alignment (for vehicles with adjustable rear suspensions)
  • Inspect steering and suspension system including tire condition and air pressure
  • Put vehicle on alignment rack, mount and compensate sensors
  • Print out initial alignment readings
  • Adjust alignment angles to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Print out final alignment readings to verify alignment is within specification
  • Road test vehicle

Steering, Suspension and Drive Line Parts

Worn steering, suspension and drive line components can cause noise, vibration, premature tire wear and misalignment. That’s why we perform a complete steering and suspension system inspection with every alignment. By replacing worn parts you regain steering control and handling which will return your vehicle to its original operating performance. At Elite Auto Experts we provide a full service in steering and suspension parts replacement.

Key parts we repair or replace include:

  • Ball joints
  • Bushings
  • Control Arms
  • Sway bar links
  • Center links
  • Idler arms/Pitman arms
  • Rack and pinion
  • Tie rod ends/sleeves
  • CV joints/boots
  • Shock absorbers
  • Wheel/Hub Bearings